Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Desk

I just need a few new Manila folders and I am set like jelly!

View from my seat. Still not sunny. Maybe for a fresh start on Monday? Here's hoping.

I am feeling as excited as a child on Christmas morning about the upcoming work morning tea which will also be a good chance to invite everyone to my new abode.  I was wanting to go for a vintage theme, then the lovely Dee suggested retrolicious, so it has stuck.

Our only guy in the team, Tom, is moving back to the mothership as he was only on secondment here for a few months. We are going to miss him heaps so to commemorate 'The Tom Years' I sent out this email.

To: Digella's Team
From: Digella

Subject: The Tom Years

To celebrate our time with Tom we are throwing him a morning tea he will not forget in a hurry.
Would you believe that Tom was born in the 80s!? BINGO! A retro themed morning tea.

So come up with your best retrolicious recipes (channel tinned fruit, anything with 'mock' in the title and loads of kabana) and be ready to action these in the last week of October. Date TBA.
Get excited!

P.S. I do have a recipe for Mock Oyster Finger Sandwiches made from lamb brains if you are having trouble coming up with ideas.
I cant wait. Still deciding what to do. It has to be outstanding! Send any ideas.

P.S. We do work here ok. But must run as I am off to Euro / Laneway for some drinks.


  1. good old prawn cocktail would have to be a winner! Or smoked tinned oysters......

  2. Oh that desk looks like a familiar spot. Aaaahh the views. Now the only water view I get is of our pool! At least it's something!


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