Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Mac's Instant Cup o Soup

Three degrees! Three! That has been Melbourne mornings recently.

Sydney raining, with a side of heavy rain and then topped off with rain. I am glad I have been watching that weather event unfold from afar.

I have been joyously embracing in the wonderment of Brisbane's winters. Now just need to make sure I teach the kids the wonderment to pack up after themselves. And not fight. That would be a HUGE plus.

Back to task at hand... instant soup. Perfect for cold, rainy, beautiful days. Soup and winter just go together.

I have found some super miso soup mixes you can get in Australia and upon first sip its bitter sweet, not because there is sugar in it, but because it reminds me of Japan and that trip was so great!

So over on BabyMac's blog which my friend Julia introduced me to years ago now, Beth has been whipping up an instant (well almost) cup o soup and it is just delicious.

So head on over HERE to get the full details of two great winter warmers.

Grab the following ingredients and then get all the details.
◾1 cup stock
◾1 clove grated garlic
◾1 knob grated ginger
◾3-4 slices red chilli
◾1 teaspoon soy sauce

◾3 drops sesame oil
I love you BabyMac, you're one of my favourites!

Baby Mac's Soup

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