Friday, June 21, 2013

Winter Harvest Festival 29 June 2013 ~ Great school holiday activity!

Finding interesting and inexpensive school holiday activities is challenging and almost impossible if you would like to have an enjoyable time as the parent. If there was a company who hosted cheap chauffeured excursions which returned you home at the end of the day while being accompanied by a mixologist caddy I could do school holiday activities with a lot less stress. Dreaming!

However, I just may have found a pretty good option!

School holiday activity - TICK
Inexpensive - TICK
Husband / Wife / Partner will likely be able to attend too - DOUBLE TICK
Explores somewhere new - TICK
Children will enjoy an experience they have likely never had - TICK
You will have a decent day out too - HUGE TICK.

Winter Harvest Festival
Aratula - Scenic Rim
(A lovely relaxed hour from Brisbane)
Saturday June 29 2013
12 noon - 5 pm

The Winter Harvest Festival will be an exciting family day out featuring tasting plates, live music, cooking demonstrations, kids activities, fresh produce, wine, milk, olives, cheese, jams, relishes and much more! Win generous prizes for your sport, school or community team in the Tractor Pulling Competition!

All the fun will be at Aratula Community Sports Complex, Carter Rd, Aratula.
Tickets: $10 Adults, children under 12 free.
First 500 bookings will receive a free harvest bag!


Look, I have even found the map on how to get there for you. CLICK HERE FOR MAP

My tip would be to pack a picnic blanket and a few staples in the food department, pick up some local produce. Read 'WINE'. Make someone else the designated driver, laugh yourself silly watching the kids enjoy the tractor pulling comp and have a little snooze on the way home! Make sure toasted sandwiches are on the menu for the kids dinner. Wine, cheese and olive morsels for the adults and you have yourself the perfect school holiday outing. HORRAH!


  1. Looks like a great family day out! Thanks for the details :)

    1. I know! and these winter weekends have been stunning. Who wouldn't want a day out in the country :)

  2. Great to see small communities having festivals . Pitty I can't make it there I'm out this week canvassing farmers for the upcoming Farmers Market at Redbank Plains . Hope everyone has a great time .

    1. Can not agree more! Highlighting what these wonderful regions have to offer and getting people out there to see it first hand! Everyone should do it. See where our food really comes from.
      Might see you at Redbank soon :)


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